Every month Belsito Italian restaurant in Vaughan celebrates the culinary world of different regions of Italy with special dishes and wines. In March, we celebrate Calabria with this delectable menu prepared by our talented culinary team!


Piatti Calabresi


cannarozza con fava e pancetta

fava bean and pancetta stew, tubetti pasta San Marzano tomato sugo


insalata di baccala alla Calabrese

olive oil poached salted cod with parsley/garlic/peporoncino and lemon confit, peppery arugula salad lemon and herb dressing

strozzaprete alla Sidernese

strozzaprete pasta with n'duja sausage, boiled potatoes and provola cheese - tomato sugo


pesce spada alla Bagnarota
grilled swordfish filet, served with a roasted pepper, eggplant and potato stew, caper berry, lemon and herb sauce

Vini di Calabria

Igreco Cata Rosso Calabria IGP 2015
This wine features a bright red fruit , black pepper and sweet tanin palate. Ideal with grilled meats, pasta and pizzas

Lamezia Bianco DOC

Made from 50% greco and 50% malvasia. Ideal with grilled fish, seafood, salads and light pastas